1868 Our History Present

pic Mount Zion Second Baptist Church was first organized in April 1868. Those who came together to form the second oldest Black Baptist Church in Atlanta, Georgia were: Anthony White, Henry Gates, John Mackay, James Thornton, David Hines, Charity Owens and others totaling thirteen members in all. These early organizers were members of the Friendship Baptist Church. Because of the distance that these brothers and sisters lived from Friendship (they lived on the Northside of the city and Friendship was located on the Westside) they peacefully and with the Spirit of Christ, requested letters from Friendship in order that they might organize a church in a section near their homes. Their letters were granted and the early organizers left Friendship with its blessings and prayers. The first church site was a “brush harbor’ on what was known as Lucky Hill, a site near the present Peachtree and Linden Avenues. The first pastor was Rev. Dock Phillips who served for one year. The Rev. George Owens served from 1869-1872. Following the demise of Rev. Owens, the Rev. A. W. Watson was called and served for a short period of time as the church was destroyed by fire. In 1880, the congregation, along with the Rev. W. R. Clemmons of Green County, Georgia, held services in a boxcar.

In 1886, the Rev. W. L. Jones of Roswell Junction was called as pastor.
In 1890, the Rev. S. A. McNeil of Augusta, Georgia was called
In 1892, the. Rev. W. H. Tuggle was called
In 1899, the Rev. J. T. Dorsey was called to Mount Zion and he served until his death in March 1949
In 1949 Rev. Dr. E. R. Searcy, Sr. was called and served until 1986
In 1986 Rev Larry Jones was called
In 1993 Rev. Marty L. Henderson was called
In 1949 Dr. E. R. Searcy, Sr. was called
In 2002 our present pastor Rev. Dr. Henry W. Jones was called to lead Mt Zion into the 21st century

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